Fierce fighting along Misrata's 'front line'

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Fierce fighting along Misrata's 'front line'

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New amateur video claims to show fighting in the heart of Misrata, Libya’s third largest city where rebels are still holding out, under attack from government forces.

Shots and cries ring out around a deserted street as the camera films from behind what looks like a rebel defence position.

A rebel spokesman said fighting had taken place for control of a main road through the city and rebels had made some gains. Exactly what is happening is difficult to establish. Rebels say pro-Gaddafi forces have pounded them in recent days.

An Amnesty International researcher claims to have seen casualties being taken to hospital and describes the city centre as the front line. A news agency photographer has reported seeing Gaddafi loyalists firing on ambulances.

The government denies that its troops have been attacking civilians.

The International Organisation for Migration is planning a third evacuation operation for stranded migrant workers. Two ships have already taken refugees to Benghazi.

The World Food Programme says the first humanitarian corridor has opened in western Libya.

Britain is sending military advisors to Libya to help the rebels and France has said it will provide a “small number of liaison officers”.