Cash for Chernobyl shell 'will be found'

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Cash for Chernobyl shell 'will be found'

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A donors conference looking to raise 740 million euros to construct a long-term shell to cover the Chernobyl nuclear reactor has fallen short of its target.

Around 550 million euros have been raised at the conference in Kiev, but officials are confident that money will be found to make the site environmentally secure.

Japan, a top donor in the past, announced that following its problems at home after the earthquake/tsunami and subsequent difficulties at the Fukushima nuclear plant they would not be pledging money.

Ireland, Spain and Canada cited economic hard times as a reason not to give.

UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon highlighted the importance of safe nuclear energy:

“This is a moment of deep reflection. How do we insure both the peaceful use of the nuclear energy and maximum safety. We need a global rethink on this fundamental question”

Delegates will spend the early part of the morning visiting the Chernobyl Museum.

To this day a 30-kilometre exclusion zone exists around the plant, the site of the world’s worst nuclear accident in 1986.