Young girl detained in Baku police crackdown

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Young girl detained in Baku police crackdown

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Once again the speed of the internet makes it difficult for governments to hide their actions.

A young girl is arrested along with her mother for shouting “freedom” as police in Azerbaijan crackdown on an attempted anti-government rally in the capital Baku.

Some 65 people were detained, of whom 25 were later released, according to prosecutors.

The opposition claim that several hundred people were taken into custody, including two Swedish journalists.

Several small demonstrations have taken place in Baku over the past few weeks with authorities clamping down hard on any form of protest.

People are against the rule of President Ilham Aliyev, who took control of the county after his long serving father Heydar Aliev died in 2003.

Aliyev dismissed the protesters as “anti-national forces.”

He said: “The Azeri state is so strong and political stability is so firm that people have said “No” to those elements who would like to undermine our work, to those who in some cases get their orders from outside the country.”