UK gears up for wedding with dogs, dolls and dancing princes

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UK gears up for wedding with dogs, dolls and dancing princes

UK gears up for wedding with dogs, dolls and dancing princes
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Police in London say discussions are ongoing over whether to allow demonstrations at locations close to next week’s royal wedding.

They have turned down a request by a Muslim campaign group to protest outside Westminster Abbey.

Amid a security operation police describe as massive, they are checking every inch of the route Prince William and Kate Middleton will take.

Sniffer dogs, capable of smelling explosives up to 100 metres away, have been practising in a small church for the bigger job in the cavernous Abbey nearer the time.

“On big events like the royal wedding we will search all the routes leading up to specific places, like the Abbey,” said police handler Alan Tucker, in charge of a dog called Rowan. “What he does is he self targets, places like bins and lamp posts and drains.”

A police air support unit will play a vital role in security on the day, using high definition cameras from a helicopter to help forces on the ground.

Other preparations vary from the slightly ridiculous to the completely ridiculous.

A book called “Knit your own Royal Wedding” has sold ten times its initial print run, after author Fiona Goble’s knitted dolls appeared on the internet.

But the big marketing scoop so far with nearly six million online hits comes from mobile phone operator T-Mobile.

Its TV ad in the UK has a spoof wedding starring lookalikes of the royal couple and other royal family members. They dance – and in William’s case, leapfrog – down the aisle to “House of Love” by 1990s boy band East 17.

The real distinguished guests are expected to behave in more sober fashion come the day itself.