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Cameron rebuffs Brown's IMF boss bid

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Cameron rebuffs Brown's IMF boss bid


British Prime Minister David Cameron has indicated that his predecessor Gordon Brown is not the “most appropriate person” to bid for the top job at the International Monetary Fund because of his record.

Speaking to BBC Radio, Mr. Cameron said:

“If you have someone who didn’t think we had a debt problem in the UK, when we self-evidently do have a debt problem, then they might not be the most appropriate person to work out whether other countries around the world have debt and deficit problems.”

According to the Guardian, Brown appears to be the favourite to replace the IMF’s current managing director Dominique Strauss-Kahn. The prestigious position has a tax-free salary of 300,000 euros per year. The newspaper reported that last week Brown attended a conference of policymakers at Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, where the IMF was founded.

The candidate needs to be nominated by his or her country. Cameron told the BBC that the IMF needs to find its future director in “another part of the world,” to reflect the rise of China and India. He insisted that the person who runs the IMF should understand “the dangers of excessive debt, excessive deficit.”

By Ali Sheikholeslami
London Correspondent

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