Jonathan appeals for an end to Nigerian violence

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Jonathan appeals for an end to Nigerian violence

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Nigeria’s Goodluck Jonathan has been officially declared the winner of the country’s election, and his first call as re-elected president was an appeal for calm after violence erupted amid opposition claims of vote-rigging.

The Red Cross said many people were killed in the north of the country when churches, mosques and houses were torched.

Curfews have been imposed in Kaduna state and Kano.

EU monitors though say it was Nigeria’s fairest election for decade.

The leader of the EU group Alojz Peterle said: ‘We know that all parties involved are or might not be pleased with the outcome of the elections but we would like to encourage all stake holders to use only legal and judiciary ways to express their opinion.’

A spokesman for Muhammadu Buhari said they could not accept that he was the runner-up.

Buhari comes from the north of the country, and had already lost two presidential elections before this one.

His supporters claim turnout in some of Jonathan’s strongholds in the south had been exceptionally high. Buhari has already said he would not challenge the result in the courts though his party might choose to do so.