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France and Italy lock horns over immigration


France and Italy lock horns over immigration

Rome has has its official protest to the European commission rejected in a spat over immigration that is deepening into a crisis after France temporarily blocked trains from north-west Italy from crossing its borders this weekend. The Commission ruled France has every right to stop trains carrying North African migrants.
France is angry that Italy is granting six-month travel permits to some 25,000 Tunisian refugees, allowing them to move on to other EU nations.
Riot police board the train from Ventimiglia at Menton. The police check passports, permits, and whether or not the travellers have enough money to live.
If the travellers do not have the right papers or cash, they are sent back. Rome says this is in contravention of the Schengen free-movement agreement.
France is not alone in saying Italy is trying to move on its refugee problem, with Germany, Belgium and Austria insisting Rome respect the rules that say it is the entry country that takes responsibility for its migrants. They have put their case to the European Commission.


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