Fidesz's new constitution for Hungary

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Fidesz's new constitution for Hungary

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A new constitution for Hungary has been under debate in Budapest’s parliament.

The Fidesz party in power had no trouble adopting it, since they enjoy a large majority.

And yet the opposition parties and various citizens’ movements see the text as anti-democratic and even discriminatory.

The new constitution stresses the notion of the traditional family, for instance, opening the way for a possible ban on abortion.

It also makes possible opening up the right to vote for ethnic Hungarians living in neighbouring countries, who already have been granted access to a Hungarian passport.

This measure risks raising tensions with those countries, where there are fairly large Hungarian minorities, such as in Slovakia and Romania.

Another source of disagreement is the control of key institutions by individuals close to the current government, such as the budget council. They would have the right of veto.

While Prime Minister Viktor Orban says he has modernised a constitution which dates from the time of Soviet dominance, his critics have sworn to resist.

The new fundamental law would come into force next January.