Libya: rebels say govt continues attack on Misrata

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Libya: rebels say govt continues attack on Misrata

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In Libya pro-Gadaffi forces have fired at least 100 rockets into the besieged city of Misrata according the rebels.

It is the only rebel held bastion in the west of Libya.

Human Rights Watch claims to have evidence that Gadaffi’s troops are firing cluster bombs into residential areas. The government challenged the organisation to prove it.

Hundreds are reported killed in Misrata. Britain, France and the US have described it as a ‘medieval siege.’ Many are desperate to get out.

They are relying on the sea to make their escape – more than a thousand civilians have already managed to board boats bound for Benghazi in the east where the revolution has its base.

The International Organisation for Migration said that is just a fraction of those who need to leave.

Rebels claim government forces have been shelling the main road to the port, targeting a main lifeline for trapped civilians.

Aid workers said the continued shelling is making access impossible to and from many areas of the city.