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Syrian protesters reject al-Assad 'concessions'

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Syrian protesters reject al-Assad 'concessions'


Thousands of protesters marched in Syria against President Bashar al-Assad’s 11-year-rule on Friday.
Anti-government demonstrations have been held in Syria for the past month, leaving up to an estimated 200 people dead.
Friday’s rallies were held in five towns and cities, the biggest of them in Damascus.
Security forces in the Syrian capital fired tear gas and beat the protesters with batons.
President Al-Assad on Thursday replaced his cabinet and ordered the release of some demonstrators as a concesssion to the anti-government movement.
Activists want a 1963 emergency law scrapped, democratic reform and greater individual freedoms.
In recent weeks, they have also called for the downfall of the Baathist regime.
Al-Assad inherited the Syrian presidency when his father Hafez died in 2000. Hafez al-Assad had seized power in a 1970 coup.
Syria’s population is largely made up of Sunni Muslims but the country is run by Alawites, an minority offshoot of Shia Islam.

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