President urges Yemen to unite

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President urges Yemen to unite

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Yemen’s president has urged his rivals to unite for a common goal.

Ali Abdullah Saleh addressed thousands of supporters in the capital of Sanaa.

He has promised to transfer power constitutionally and welcomed a proposal by other Gulf Arab states, which have called on him to hand over power to his deputy.

Saleh told the crowds that his rivals need to engage in talks about stabilising the country and maintaining security.

Meanwhile opponents of Saleh stepped up their campaign to force him out.

Some have distributed leaflets calling on people to stop paying taxes and bills to defy the government.

They dismissed an offer from Gulf foreign ministers to join talks in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on a transfer of power.

They have given a two-week deadline for the leader to step down.

Saudi and Western allies fear the protests in Yemen could ignite clashes between rival military units.