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Mass protests in Syria despite Assad's appeasement

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Mass protests in Syria despite Assad's appeasement


More than ten thousand protesters took to the streets in Syria on Friday, in continuing protests against the country’s regime.

Chanting “God, Syria, Freedom” as they marched, the protesters repeated the same demand for democratic reform across many cities.

The protests continue to grow despite an attempt by the Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, to appease demonstrators by unveiling a new government and releasing detainees on Thursday.

Emergency law has been in force ever since the Baath party came to power in a coup in 1963, banning public gatherings of more than five people. However an exception was made for Friday prayers, and for this reason the biggest protests and most bloody have come on Fridays.

The demonstrations have steadily grown since they first began four weeks ago, to try to fight the detention of teenagers who were arrested for writing graffiti inspired by the uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt.

Protesters first called for more freedom but changed their demands to “the downfall of the regime” after mass arrests and, according to witnesses, the security forces firing routinely at protesters.

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