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China to ban TV time travel

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China to ban TV time travel


Chinese censors have released a new protocol that bans dramas that feature time-travel.
The guidance issued by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) criticised a recent craze in China in which more and more of these dramas are being made.
SARFT said they are “unhealthy” and that the plots were “frivolous“ and showed no respect for history.
While it is true that these dramas often run stories which are exaggerated, and even completely made-up, critics say that the desire for historical accuracy is not the true motivation for the crackdown.
Indeed the Chinese authorities showed no such desire for accuracy when they were caught splicing in footage from the 1980’s blockbuster Top Gun into a news report about their air force earlier this year.
The move is seen by some as yet another attempt by Chinese authorities – who strictly censor newspapers, television and film – to crush dissent in the country.
According to Li Jingsheng, the head of SARFT’s television drama management division, the dramas will be banned until there is further debate on the merits of the genre.

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