Minsk bomb metro reopens five in custody

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Minsk bomb metro reopens five in custody

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The Minsk metro station, bombed on April 11, has reopened.

Security is tight following the blast that killed 12 and injured 150.

Police in Belarus say five people have been taken into custody including the man suspected of planting the device on the platform of the crowded underground.

Authorities claim two of the suspects, an electrician and a lathe operator, have confessed to the atrocity and admitted guilt to previous bombings at a rock concert in 2008 and a cafe in 2003.

Insecurity in not uncommon on the streets of the capital:

“It’s scary I keep waiting for it to happen again. Its not just the metro that scares me all forms of transport where there are a lot of people scare me,” said one woman.

It is now feared that authoritarian President Alexander Lukashenko will launch a further crackdown on political opponents after he linked the opposition to the carnage.

Those opposed to the president, in power since 1994, are already reeling from mass arrests and harassment.