Gaddafi told to stand down and get out of Libya

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Gaddafi told to stand down and get out of Libya

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The international “contact group” formed to assist rebels fighting against the regime of Muammar Gaddafi has called on the leader to stand down and get out Libya.

Those Libyans fighting to topple Gaddafi met with the group in Doha to discuss the situation.

German foreign minister Guido Westerwelle said:

“We don’t see a military solution. What we see and what we need is a political process. We are here to support this political process. This is a clear message. There won’t be a future for Colonel Gaddafi in his country. He started a civil war against his own people and this means he does not have legitimacy any longer to speak for the people of Libya.”

Despite the efforts of the coalition, arms are still getting into Tripoli.

Mahmoud Shammam is from the Libyan Transitional National Council:

“Gaddafi is still getting weapons. It is certain that 500 vehicles carrying weapons arrived from Algeria, yesterday. The coast from Eastern Europe is wide open and he is buying the latest weapons, Russian- made T9 and T2 tanks, which are being used against Misrata.”

The contact group has agreed to continue to provide the rebels with “material support.” It remains to be seen if material support includes providing arms to the Council.