Mubarak and sons to appear in court next week

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Mubarak and sons to appear in court next week

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Despite being admitted to hospital with heart problems, Egypt’s former president, Hosni Mubarak and his two sons have been told they will appear before a Cairo court next Tuesday.

It follows their earlier detention over accusations of embezzlement and abuse of power.

Mubarak was last seen in public on television before the military forced him to resign after weeks of unprecedented protests in Tahrir Square by pro-democracy activists.

While Mubarak is currently in a stable condition in hospital, his two sons are being detained in one of Cairo’s most infamous jails.

Many think their detention is not before time. Mohamed El Beltagy of the Muslim Brotherhood said:

“We consider what happened as a step in the right direction although it came late; we think the detention of the head of the former regime is a new beginning for the Egyptian people.”

Analysts believe it was the recent upsurge in public anger over the slowness of Egypt’s Supreme Military Council to act which forced their hand.

Euronews Cairo correspondent Mohamed Elhamy said: “The Egyptian people have welcomed the detention of the former president and his sons amid promises of quick trials for what Egyptians describe as endemic political corruption by the former regime.”