Belarus KGB looking for a non-Slavic bomber

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Belarus KGB looking for a non-Slavic bomber

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Security checks are in operation at all railway and metro stations in central Minsk after Monday’s bomb blast.

Belarus’s autocratic president is convinced it was a terrorist attack aimed at destabilising his country and originated from abroad.

The security services now claim to have identified a young man of non-Slavic appearance as a main suspect. – something which commuters found difficult to understand.

One woman said:“We are not Chechnya and we have no internal strife in the country. This is sheer politics, related to our president. In order to punish him, to scare him.”

Another commuter added, “This is such an atrocity. If somebody does not like our government, why should they kill people here? Yesterday, I saw a 13-year-old boy die. Why him, if somebody does not like the government?”

Church services have been held across the country to remember the 12 people who died in the blast and the 200 or so others who were injured.

Despite Western criticism of President Alexander Lukashenko’s authoritarian regime, both the European Union and the US have condemned the attack.