NATO should do more in Libya, say Britain and France

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NATO should do more in Libya, say Britain and France

NATO should do more in Libya, say Britain and France
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Britain and France say NATO is not doing enough to protect civilians from attacks by Colonel Gaddafi’s forces in Libya.

The UK’s Foreign Secretary William Hague called on the alliance to intensify its efforts. He said Britain had supplied more aircraft capable of striking ground targets, and called on other countries to do the same.

Earlier, his French counterpart was more outspoken on France Info radio.

“Firstly, NATO must play its full part,” said Foreign Minister Alain Juppé. “NATO wanted to take military command of operations, and we agreed. It must play its part today, that means ward off Gaddafi from still using heavy weapons to bombard people.”

“That is not happening now?” he was asked.

“Not enough,” he replied.

Specifically, Juppé said NATO should target heavy weapons around Misrata, the rebel-held city under siege.

On Monday, Gaddafi’s forces renewed their attacks, amid increasing concern for the safety of civilians and the overall humanitarian situation in the city.

Rebels on the front line near Ajdabiya say they have been advancing westwards, but elsewhere they have been pushed back.

NATO took over command of military strikes after the initial raids were co-ordinated by Washington.

An African Union plan for a ceasefire in Libya collapsed on Monday after rebels and Western leaders rejected any deal that did not include Gaddafi’s removal.