NATO admits Libyan stalemate

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NATO admits Libyan stalemate

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Libyan rebels claim they have repulsed a government assault on the beseiged western town of Misrata, while releasing footage they say shows them coming under attack near Brega to the east.

It is the only active front in a war NATO chiefs admit is falling into a military stalemate that their intervention may be causing rather than breaking.

NATO airstrikes are reported to have hit weapons depots belonging to pro-Gaddafi forces at Zintan, 160 kilometres from Tripoli.

But it has also had to apologise after it accidentally killed five rebels when it targeted tanks near Misrata on Thursday.

NATO says it did not know rebels were using tanks but opposition leaders claim the body had been informed.

Their anger was clear at Friday prayers in Benghazi.

Our reporter, Mustafa Bag, says thousands gathered for prayers in the city’s re-named Tahrir Square.

They usually fly the flags of all nations supporting their cause but to express their feelings over the killings only the Libyan flag was being flown yesterday.