NATO vows to investigate 'friendly fire' incident

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NATO vows to investigate 'friendly fire' incident

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NATO said on Thursday that it will investigate a case of so-called ‘friendly fire’ after claims by Libyan rebels that five of their fighters died when a coalition aircraft attacked their tanks outside Brega.

Abdel Fattah Younes, head of the rebel forces, said there were 14 wounded in the strike and another six were still missing.

The injured were ferried to hospital in Ajdabiyah for treatment.

Anti-Gaddafi forces have expressed their anger at NATO’s policing of the no-fly zone above Libya — 13 of them were killed in similar circumstances on Saturday.

Meanwhile, a senior US commander has voiced doubts that the rebels will be able to push Gaddafi out alone.

Reports from our correspondent:

General Carter Ham, the head of US Africa command, has said it was unlikely they could oust the Libyan leader – even with the backup of NATO air power.

The battle on the front line for the key oil town of Brega has lasted over a week.

General Ham told the US Senate that the seven-week-old civil war is heading towards a stalemate, as neither side is gaining ground.