More nuclear fears for Japan

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More nuclear fears for Japan

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There are reports of problems at another nuclear power plant in Japan, following a strong tremor on Thursday which killed four people and resulted in a tsunami warning.

Experts say there are signs of water leakage at the Onagawa station in the Miyagi district, but add that radiation levels are well below the legal limit and there is no immediate danger.

Hidehiko Nishiyama, the General Director of the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency in Japan, said: “We’ve had reports that there were anomalies near reactors 2 and 3 following the tremors. As far as reactor 2 is concerned we’ve determined that it’s due to water sloshing about during the earthquake.”

The tremor, of 7.4 magnitude, is said not to have caused any further damage to the Fukushima plant where engineers are still working to avoid any further leaks.

It comes just four weeks after the huge magnitude 9 earthquake and consequent tsunami that have left around 28,000 people dead or missing.

In the latest aftershock, several structures were destroyed and power was cut to 3.5 million homes. The shaking was felt in Tokyo several hundred kilometres away. The tsunami warning was lifted after 90 minutes.

“There were people in my family caught in the tsunami,” said one woman. “I had a really bad flashback to what happened then, I guess it was like a sort of phobia, so it was really scary.”

There have been several aftershocks since March 11, but this was the biggest. It was felt up and down the coast in the evacuation centres where people are still living after having been forced from their homes by last month’s disaster.

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