Japanese take action to prevent nuclear explosion

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Japanese take action to prevent nuclear explosion

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At the crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan they have been working through the night to pump nitrogen into a reactor.

The move is aimed at preventing an explosive build up of hydrogen gas and another potential blasts as happened early in the crisis at two reactors. The work is scheduled to take six days and could release radioactive vapour into the environment.

Japanese authorities acknowledged the nitrogen pumping had risks. Yukio Edano, Japan’s chief cabinet secretary, said:

“The possibility of a hydrogen explosion at the current condition is not necessarily high. But, by injecting nitrogen, we can make the possibility very close to zero.”

Fine french cooking has been on the menu for many of the evacuees who are still unable to return to their homes following last month’s earthquake and tsunami.

Michelin rated chefs from top restaurants including the Trois Gros in Tokyo have been taken north to Koriyama where they have been conjuring up dishes such as hachis parmentier polished off with a strawberry desert.

The move has been organised by the French community in Tokyo.

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