Libyan rebel leader slams NATO response

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Libyan rebel leader slams NATO response

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The leader of the Libyan rebel army has angrily accused NATO of not reacting fast enough to pro-Gaddafi forces, allowing them to kill people everyday in the rebel-held city of Misrata.

Speaking in Benghazi, Abdel Fattah Younes, said,

NATO did not provide us with what we want”.

“If NATO wanted to free Misrata they could have done that before”.

“We don’t want to bomb in order not to kill civilians.”

“If NATO waited for another week, Misrata would be finished and there would be no civilians, it’s people would die and the international community would bear the responsibility of such a crime.”

He added that NATO’s slow response is becoming a liability for the rebel army.

Misrata has been heavily shelled for the past few days with tank fire, artillery and mortars.

On Tuesday the rebels claimed the city was bombarded for seven hours, and that civilians are dying every day. He couldn’t say just how many people have died.