Gaddafi attacks continue

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Gaddafi attacks continue

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Fighting is continuing in several Libyan cities between rebels and forces loyal to Colonel Gaddafi.

The battle for the control of the eastern oil town of Brega has seen some of the fiercest combat over the past four days.

The insurgents claimed to have re-captured the town on Saturday, but fighting is still going on around the eastern side of the settlement.

Rebels have been fleeing back and forth along the coast road, coming under fire from what they say are rockets fired by Gaddafi’s men.

There have also been reports of more shelling of Misrata, Libya’s third biggest city, and of nearby Zintan, where local people say they have been bombarded by tanks.

The rebels are reportedly deploying heavier weapons against Gaddafi, and attempting to bring more discipline into play with a firmer line of command.

They have admitted that it could have been their own forces that fired into the air on Friday, bringing a response from a coalition plane that killed at least 13 people.

Roadblocks have also been set-up in an attempt to keep inexperienced volunteers away from the front line.