Tahrir Square protesters call for Mubarak trial

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Tahrir Square protesters call for Mubarak trial

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Protesters returned to Cairo’s Tahrir Square on Friday to call for ousted Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak to face trial.

Demonstrations toppled Mubarak on February 11 but the reformers behind the revolution fear that elements from his regime continue to wield considerable influence.

Activists called Friday’s rally to “protect the revolution.” One banner in Cairo’s Tahrir Square read: “The people want corruption put on trial to save the revolution.”

“I came here because the military has been very slow in putting the people in the old regime on trial. Mubarak has not been charged with murder for the people who were killed,” said Alaa Hashim, a 28-year-old engineer.

Protesters also say Mubarak, who is currently under house arrest, should appear in court on corruption charges amid allegations he amassed huge wealth while in office.

Assets belonging to the ousted president and his associates were frozen after his resignation, pending an investigation.

Egyptian courts have forbidden several former ministers, politicians and businessmen from leaving the country ahead of the findings.

Legislative elections are set to take place in September, with a presidential vote in November.

Nevertheless, protesters want to keep the pressure on the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, the military body that has been running the country since Mubarak stepped down.