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Tripoli bishop says ‘dozens of civilians’ killed in Western air strikes

31/03/11 18:38 CET

The alleged killing of dozens of civilians in Libya by Western air strikes will be unwelcome news for the NATO led coalition, which has so far prided itself on the precision of its bombing.

Euronews spoke to Bishop Giovanni Innocenzo Martinelli, from Tripoli. He said he had heard from reliable sources that civilians had been killed in air raids.

‘‘I have not seen with my own eyes any victims, but this was confirmed to me by people who have lost loved ones because of these bombings. I can confirm in the area of Tajoura there have been several deaths, caused by these air strikes. However, I cannot be precise in regards to the other places because I don’t know how many died. Yet I know that another area was bombed. A zone in which there was a munitions warehouse. This building was exploding for three, four hours.’‘

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