Japan's nuclear nightmare goes on

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Japan's nuclear nightmare goes on

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The nightmare that is Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant goes on and on.

Workers are continuing to struggle to cool the fuel rods but now the problem lies with the contaminated water at the bottom of the reactor reservoirs. Some of it is escaping from the storage pools.


The stress has taken its toll elsewhere. The head of the plant owners TEPCO has been admitted to hospital with a stress-related illness.

It was left to his replacement, Chairman Tsunehisa Katsumata, to say it was more than likely that reactors one to four would have to be scrapped.

But if the nuclear problems are paramount, the human suffering after the quake and tsunami was recognised with a visit to victims by Japan’s Emperor Akihito and his wife.

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Thousands of survivors are camped in temporary shelters and they could well be joined by more if the government gives in to pressure to extend the evacuation exclusion zone around the nuclear plant.