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UK expels five Libyan diplomats

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UK expels five Libyan diplomats


The United Kingdom has expelled five Libyan diplomats over “security threats.”

“We have today taken steps to expel five diplomats at the Libyan Embassy in London, including the military attaché,” Foreign Secretary William Hague told the parliament. “Were these individuals to remain in Britain, they could pose a threat to our security.”

This comes after more pressure was agreed to be put on Libyan regime in a conference in London yesterday that was attended by representatives from 40 countries and international organisations.

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The Qatari Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabr Al-Thani, said at the end of the conference: “We urge Gaddafi and his people to leave and not to cause any more bloodshed. I think this is the only solution to solve this problem as soon as possible. Right now we don’t see any indication of that, but this hope, which we offer now, might not be on the table after a few days.”

By Ali Sheikholeslami
London Correspondent

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