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Gaddafi's troops force swift rebel retreat

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Gaddafi's troops force swift rebel retreat


Libyan rebels are in full-blown retreat as Gaddafi’s forces use their superior firepower and military know-how to make gains along the country’s east coast.
The towns of Nawfaliyah, Bin Jawad and Ras Lanuf fell in quick succession.
The Libyan army outflanked rebel forces, which lack training, discipline and leadership.

Reports from our correspondent:

Western aircraft flew over the battlefield for a while, but there was no evidence of any airstrikes on Gaddafi’s forces.
It appears that anti-Gaddafi militia are unable to make inroads without Western air support.
The rebels look set to regroup in the strategic town of Ajdabiyah, the last major city before their stronghold in Benghazi.

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