School counts cost of tsunami tragedy

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School counts cost of tsunami tragedy

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The on-going crisis at the Fukushima nuclear plant has done much to overshadow the human cost of Japan’s devastating tsunami.

At Okawa elementary school in Miyagi prefecture in the north-east of the country it is estimated 80 percent of the students perished when the wave hit.

The few that survived met for the first time since the disaster.

The school’s principal Teruyuki Kushiba said: ‘‘It’s hard to know how they will be affected in terms of their spirit, but we have to take care of that as well.”

The school has said there will be no graduating ceremony this year. Of the 21 students set to graduate, only five survived. The size of this disaster remains difficult to take in. The tsunami is now known to have gone far further inland than first estimated. In parts, 40 kilometres.