NATO to take over from coalition in Libya

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NATO to take over from coalition in Libya

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At least four loud explosions rocked Tripoli overnight as Libyan government forces sprayed the sky with anti aircraft fire. A Western coalition has been carrying out air raids in the country for a week in line with a United Nations resolution.

However NATO has now agreed to take full responsibility for the military operation.

The decision puts the alliance in charge of targeting Muammar Gaddafi’s military infrastructure and protecting civilians.

Coalition bombing yesterday centred on Tripoli, Sirte and Misrata where pro-Gaddafi troops were launching artillery fire at the rebel held city.

In response a government spokesman, Mussa Ibrahim accused the West of terrorising Libya’s people.

“Clearly the West, NATO is taking sides on this civil conflict. It is illegal and hasn’t been allowed or permitted by the security council resolution and it’s immoral.”

For those in Tripoli, fuel shortages and endless queues are wearing down a city already worn out by weeks of conflict.

Supply networks for basic goods have been disrupted while a refugee exodus also means bakeries do not have enough manpower to make sufficient bread.