Libyan rebels take Gaddafi's hometown

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Libyan rebels take Gaddafi's hometown

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Libyan rebels are said to have captured Muammar Gaddafi’s home town of Sirte as Western air strikes force the Libyan leader’s troops to retreat.

Rebel gains have now put them back in control of the main eastern oil terminals such as Ras Lanuf and Tobruk. The reversal of fortunes, however it has been won, is obviously much appreciated:

One rebel said: “Gaddafi’s soldiers are much further away. We can’t even catch up with them.”

While another added, “They are fleeing so fast that they leave everything behind (weapons, clothes, food), and we take it.”

However, in besieged Misrata – the only western city in rebel hands – fighting between the sides only stopped after raging all day, leaving eight people dead.

Although the rebels have made swift progress, it’s believed Gaddafi is re-grouping his forces in Sirte and back in his stronghold of Tripoli.

Euronews journalist Mustafa Bag reported from outside Brega.

“During the night there were clashes. The vehicles loaded with guns here were destroyed. Rebels passed through this area and the path is clear so that they can move forward to Brega easily.”