Libya air strikes continue ahead of NATO headover

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Libya air strikes continue ahead of NATO headover

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Allied forces have continued to pound Libya from the air as NATO prepares to take over responsiblity for enforcing the no-fly zone above the North African country.

Bombs were dropped on Ajdabyia and Misrata overnight.

There also reports of exploisions in the capital of Tripoli, which remains a Gaddafi stronghold.

British Prime Minister David Cameron has vowed that the transition to NATO command will be “seamless.”

He was speaking after an EU summit in Brussels on Friday.

Cameron added that “Europe had come together on Libya” after all leaders signed up to a text condemning Gaddafi’s attacks on his own people.

NATO is expected to take over control by Monday.

As well as enforcing the no-fly zone, its remit includes implenting an arms embargo on the Libyan leader.

The mission will be headed by a Canadian General, Charles Bouchard.