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Ajdabiya 'cut off from the world': correspondent

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Ajdabiya 'cut off from the world': correspondent


euronews correspondent Mustafa Bag is on the ground in Abdabiya.

He sent this eyewitness account of Saturday’s fighting during which the rebels retook the strategic town in the east of Libya.

He said: “Rebels have succeeded in defeating Libyan government forces in Ajdabiya. After Friday prayers, the rebels started their assault from three different directions. They fought for six hours before they got the whole town under control. Gaddafi’s forces retreated and are now are engaged in heavy clashes in Brega, Misrata and Raslanuf. There is no electricity and water in Ajdabiya at the moment, it is as if it is cut off from the world.”

Bag said that local people lacked basic daily supplies and were calling on the international community to step in and provide aid.

He added: “Many African mercenaries fighting for Gaddafi were taken prisoner by the rebel forces. 13 of them were shown to the international media, including euronews, before being handed over to the Red Cross.”

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