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Libya says civilians killed in fifth night of bombing

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Libya says civilians killed in fifth night of bombing


French fighter jets joined other coalition forces for a fifth night of bombing – reports of at least eight explosions indicated activity over or near the capital. The allies claim to have hit a military base in the Tajoura area.

Libyan television showed pictures of casualties arriving at hospital. Libyan government officials have accused the Western powers of killing dozens of civilians in the raids.

South west of Tripoli, Libyan TV also said military and civilian targets in the town of Jafar had been attacked.

Meanwhile in besieged Misrata, YouTube footage supported allegations that government backed snipers had positioned themselves on rooftops to shoot at rebels.

A rebel spokesman said at least 16 people had been killed.

Libya has denied allegations of cutting off water electricity and phone lines to the town claiming there had been merely a technical problem.

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