Japan's post-disaster food supply problems

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Japan's post-disaster food supply problems

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People living within the 30-kilometre exclusion zone around Japan’s Fukushima plant are still facing long queues to get food.

They have just received the first delivery of fresh vegetables in Minamisouma since the double disaster struck on March 11.

Residents have been ordered to stay inside with the doors and windows shut.

Those who do go out must leave their clothes outside the house on their return, and shower to remove any radioactive particles.

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Stores in Tokyo are said to be running out of bottled water after levels of radiation that could be hazardous to babies were found in the water mains supplies.

Contamination was twice the acceptable level and posed a risk to babies under the age of one. However officials say levels have since dropped.

Singapore and Australia have restricted the import of produce from Japan, along with the US and Hong Kong.

Other countries have tightened screening procedures.