Israel hits Gaza a day after Jerusalem bus blast

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Israel hits Gaza a day after Jerusalem bus blast

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Israeli aircraft have hit a series of targets in the Gaza strip hours after a deadly bomb attack in Jerusalem.

The early morning raids also came a day after militants in the coastal enclave fired more than a dozen rockets deep into Israel.

Islamist group Hamas, which governs Gaza, said one of its training camps and smuggling tunnels running underneath the border with Egypt had been targeted.

The latest violence has led to fears of a new war, though both sides appear to be keen to avoid a repeat of Israel’s 2009 Gaza offensive. Hamas has insisted its rocket attacks over the last few days were in response to Israeli attacks, which left nine people dead, at least four of them civilians, including three children.

In Jerusalem, there was concern following the bus station blast which left one dead and dozens injured.

One man said: ‘‘I really hope that we won’t go back to the bad years. I hope that the government will do what needs to be done – to give people security.’‘

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to act ‘‘aggressively, responsibly and wisely,’‘ in the wake of the suitcase bomb which ripped through a bus shelter.

Although no one has admitted being behind the blast, police were blaming Palestinian militants.

The UK Foreign Office said the woman killed was a British national.