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Worried Japanese rush to stock up on water

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Worried Japanese rush to stock up on water


The World Health Organisation says the detection of radiation in produce is more serious than first anticipated and is not a localised problem.

The organisation says there is no risk of contaminated food reaching other countries but people living in Japan are worried, particularly over drinking water.

Journalist Gonzalo Robledo told Euronews that many people are starting to buy bottled water just in case.

Officials have stopped the shipment of some produce from the Fukushima area. Unhealthy levels of radiation have been found in 11 types of vegetables.

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“Bottled water has always sold really well in Japan and now even more people are beginning to stock up. But it has to be said that the Japanese were already aware of the potential health risks and some had already begun to store water in places like the bath, anywhere they could keep it. In the broad sense, lots of people are worried about contamination.” he said, before adding that mistrust of the government is beginning to creep in: “It is also true to say that lots of people believe what the government tells them, because the Japanese people have a lot of faith in their leaders. But there are some who think that the government is not being totally straight. But the highest level of mistrust is reserved for TEPCO, the company that runs the nuclear plants.”

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