More fears about contaminated produce in Japan

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More fears about contaminated produce in Japan

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The authorities in Tokyo are advising that tap water should not be given to babies after levels of radiation dangerous for infants were detected at a purifying plant.

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Officials have stopped the shipment of some produce from the Fukushima area. Unhealthy levels of radiation have been found in 11 types of vegetables.

But shoppers are confused over food safety. When questioned by Euronews, one said that many people thought more types of vegetables had been contaminated. But another said she had been told vegetables were safe to eat as long as they had been washed.

In Fukushima, some power has been restored to the stricken nuclear plant but experts on the scene say it will be some time before they can say the damaged reactors have stabilised.

Meanwhile, in the coastal town of Higashi-Matsushima, a mechanical digger was used to dig a mass grave for two dozen victims of the earthquake and tsunami on March the 11th. Officials say up to 1000 people could eventually be laid to rest at the site.

The grave is temporary. Burials are unusual in Japan, where cremation is the norm, but the authorities say the system is currently overwhelmed so the dead are being interred until a later date.

The official death toll has now risen to more than 9,000. Almost 14,000 are still missing.