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Deaths in Gaza as Israeli tanks respond to rockets

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Deaths in Gaza as Israeli tanks respond to rockets


At least four Palestinians have been killed in Gaza after Israel tanks shelled a house. Local doctors say three of the dead were aged 12, 16 and 17. Three other people were reported injured.

The artillery fire came after an escalation in cross-border rocket attacks into Israel which started at the weekend. Four rockets were fired on Tuesday, say the Israeli military, without causing injury.

Israeli retaliatory air strikes on Monday wounded 19 people according to local medics. The attack is thought to be the heaviest in Gaza since a major Israeli military offensive in the strip ended in January 2009.

France has called on both sides to show restraint, saying it condemns the Palestinian rocket attacks and was “worried” about Israeli operations in Gaza.

Gaza is run by militant Islamist group Hamas, which refuses to take part in peace talks led by the more moderate Palestinian group Fatah, based in the West Bank. Hamas said in a statement on Tuesday that “the escalation will not pass unanswered. Escalation will be met with escalation and calm will be met with calm.”

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