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Air-strikes offer Libya's rebels reprieve

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Air-strikes offer Libya's rebels reprieve


Only a few days ago Libyan rebels were on the verge of being crushed by forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi. However, the heavy bombardment by the Western led coalition appears to have swung the momentum in Libya’s civil war.

The main road out of the eastern city of Benghazi is now littered with the regime’s vehicles scorched by attacks from the air.

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That’s allowed the opposition to push towards Ajdabiya, though for the time being the town remains under Gaddafi’s control.

Rebel units also appear severely disorganised, underscoring US warnings that a long stalemate could emerge.

In addition, the forces loyal to the Libyan leader appear determined to fight on, with reports of offensives on Tuesday morning on the western cities of Misrata and Zintan.

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