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Journalists shown rubble in Gaddafi's compound

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Journalists shown rubble in Gaddafi's compound


TV crews have been taken into Colonel Gaddafi’s heavily fortified compound in Tripoli and shown the remains of a building said to have been destroyed in a missile attack.

Rubble and weapons casings were scattered around but there were no other signs of last night’s apparent attack.

A short walk away is the brightly-lit tent where Gaddafi receives his guests.

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A government spokesman said the attacks came from what he called the “aggressive and barbaric forces targeting the Muslim Arab people of Libya.” He said the Western powers promised not to target civilians or Gaddafi himself and this proves they are lying.

Crowds of Gaddafi loyalists are camping out in the grounds of the sprawling compound, a human shield against air strikes. They gathered outside a building ruined in the 1986 US bombing of Tripoli – a symbolic site of anti-Western defiance for Gaddafi supporters.

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