Yemen mourns for slaughtered protesters

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Yemen mourns for slaughtered protesters

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Thousands of mourners have turned out in the Yemeni capital of Sanaa for the funerals of anti-government protesters shot dead on Friday.

Snipers loyal to President Ali Abdullah Saleh sprayed a university sit-in with gunfire, killing as as many as 50 demonstrators.

The protesters want him to resign after 32 years in power.

The killings prompted Saleh to declare a state of emergency and soldiers have been given orders to shoot demonstrators.

Yet the opposition remain defiant.

Former government minister Haoumd al-Hattar told the crowd that “threats, intimidation and repression would only reinforce their persistence.”

An estimated 300 people were injured in Friday’s violence.

A group of Muslim clerics have called on Yemeni security forces to disobey Saleh’s orders to shoot demonstrators, blaming him for the slaughter.