Historic Haiti vote

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Historic Haiti vote

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The people of Haiti will vote in the final round of an historic presidential election on Sunday.

United Nations peacekeepers are helping to organize the poll and to help police ensure protection at the 11 000 polling stations.

The chaotic first round was marred by fraud allegations and unrest.

That vote was won by former First Lady Mirlande Maniget. At the age of 70, the university- educated law professor is hoping to become the country’s first female president.

Up against her is political newcomer 50 year old Michel Martelly, an energetic singer and entertainer.

Sometimes known as “Sweet Micky”, he has a following among younger voters.

One potential distraction for voters is the return on Saturday of former President Jean-Baptiste Aristide who’s been in exile since 2004.

Haiti, one of the world’s poorest nations, is rebuilding after last year’s huge earthquake which crippled the country.

It desperately needs stable leadership and capable government to steer the reconstruction which requires billions of dollars of foreign aid.