Gaddafi denies breaking ceasefire

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Gaddafi denies breaking ceasefire

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There are reports that Libyan government forces are attacking Benghazi. On Saturday a jet fighter fell from the sky but it’s not clear who shot it down.

A rebel leader told a reporters that the jet was one of their own, that they had sent out to repel Gaddafi’s attacks, but that has not been confirmed.

Opposition forces claim the regime has bombed the road to the airport, and explosions have been heard near the rebel headquarters.

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If the reports prove true then it is a clear breach of the ceasefire declared on Friday by the Libyan government.

A Gaddafi spokesman said the ceasefire is being observed and he blamed the rebels for the attacks.

Delegates are to meet in Paris on Saturday for an international conference to discuss military intervention in Libya.

Meanwhile a Libyan government spokesman appeared on state TV with a clear message from Colonel Gaddafi. He warned that if foreign countries interfere in Libya’s internal affairs they will “regret it”.