New Japanese tsunami videos

According to the latest calculations, the tsunami which devastated Japan last week produced waves up to 23 metres high. These images are the latest

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Mourning in Japan

A Japanese woman mourned her dead mother among the debris in the town of Onagawa on Saturday, gently patting the body wrapped in a blue plastic sheet.


Paris summit on Libya underway

World leaders have arrived in Paris to discuss military intervention in Libya where Colonel Gaddafi is reportedly continuing to break the ceasefire


Warren Christopher dies

US negotiator Warren Christopher has died at his home in Los Angeles of cancer, at the age of 85. The former US Secretary of State is credited


Gaddafi threat on interference

Government supporters have been out the streets of the Libyan capital in defiant mood, waving pictures in allegiance to Colonel Gaddafi. Meanwhile


Historic vote in Egypt

Egyptians have been voting in a referendum on constitutional amendments that the military rulers hope will lead to elections within six months.