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Rebels under siege in Zawiya

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Rebels under siege in Zawiya


Despite claims by Libyan state TV that Zawiya has been retaken by pro-Gaddafi forces, accounts coming from the western city, suggest it is still under siege.

Euronews spoke to one revolutionary holed up in Zawiya. Haj Youssef Azoui said: ‘‘For the moment things are stable. The city is encircled by the army. The rebels are in the city’s main square while Gaddafi’s men are at the entrances to the city. We are short of food because the city is paralysed.”

He continued: “Yesterday, we suffered air attacks from Gaddafi’s forces, the day before there were even more. There were a lot of dead and injured and there was significant material damage.Three mosques were destroyed. People fled their homes and Gaddafi forces forced others to leave as well.’‘

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