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Pro-Gaddafi forces lay siege to rebel-held Zawiyah

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Pro-Gaddafi forces lay siege to rebel-held Zawiyah


Pro -Gaddafi forces on Tuesday stepped up their fightback against rebels.

One air strike smashed a house in a residential area of the eastern town of Ras Lanuf- witnesses say the air strikes have wrecked vital water pipelines.

Both Ras Lanuf and Bin Jawad have been struck from the air and Gaddafi forces are said to have pushed back the rebel advance along the north coast road between the towns.

Although most of the east is still under rebel control, after their swift gains their momentum to move towards the capital Tripoli seems to have stalled.

In western Libya, Zawiyah and the opposition-held town of Misrata are said to be under siege from government forces.

Although Zawiyah is the closest rebel-held city to Tripoli, first hand reports of the situation there have been few. One resident said many buildings had been destroyed and casualties high, among them children.

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