Libya: Rebel leader calls on key tribe for support

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Libya: Rebel leader calls on key tribe for support

Libya: Rebel leader calls on key tribe for support
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The National Council which is leading Libya’s rebellion from Benghazi said if Gaddafi left the country in 72 hours they would not take any further action against him.

euronews spoke to the vice-president of the council.

Abdul Hafeez Gogha, Libyan National Council:

At the end of that 72 hours, we would celebrate our victory and announce the make-up of our state: the law, institutions and the constitution.

It is going to be the end of the chaos that we lived in during the Gaddafi period.

We will continue our battle until all our land is free.

We can liberate our country. We are part of the international community, and I hope the international community will not take tough decisions against us. All we need is recognition from the United Nations and the Security Council.

We can take out Gaddafi. We started our struggle peacefully and he should have reacted in the same way. But Gaddafi made a different choice and we will have to deal with that choice. Everybody knows the courage of Libyans. We have our faith and that is our strongest weapon.

Our current forces will form the core of the Libyan army. They have played a major role in our fight for liberation so they will be the heart of the next Libyan army.

We have received lots of calls from many European countries, but we did not get enough commitments from them. They tell us they want to help, and that they recognise the National Council. They tell us they want to send aid — some countries have already given us medical supplies and we thank them.

If the Wirfalla tribe would officially and clearly declare its support for the revolutionaries, if this tribe would raise the flag of independence and move against Gaddafi, then they would hold the key to liberation.