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New Irish PM: 'Darkest hour before the dawn'


New Irish PM: 'Darkest hour before the dawn'

Ireland’s parliament has officially named Enda Kenny as the country’s new prime minister after last month’s general election.
Lawmakers approved the Fine Gael leader by the largest majority in the Republic’s history. 
Kenny has made renegotiating the terms of Ireland’s massive EU/IMF bailout his top priority.
‘‘I believe for Ireland this current crisis is the darkest hour before the dawn. That we are a people looking always and ever to the new possibilities of a new day, and that new day is here,’‘ Kenny said.
The new coalition saw centre-right Fine Gael join forces with junior partner Labour. The government hopes its big majority will aid it in talks with Brussels.
Fine Gael and Labour swept to power on a wave of voter anger over the last government’s stewardship of the economy.  


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